Eray Saban – Events Manager, Marvel Stadium

“It’s not often I post about work, but It’s pretty incredible that I get to call this my job. At the age of 18, I managed my first ever event, a basketball tournament for 400 people in the outskirts of Melbourne. Fast forward 8 years, last night I was lucky enough to host over 55,000 people for U2 – The Joshua Tree Tour. So many months of planning which went into it all and multiple challenges along the way but an incredible night overall. This one is going in the pool room one day.” – Via LinkedIn, Eray.

Rachel Napolitano – Managing Director, Cutting Edge Cricket

After graduating from SEDA, Rachel and her family started up their own business, Cutting Edge Cricket, which involves the management of an indoor cricket training and coaching facility. Rachel is currently the Managing Director of Cutting Edge Cricket and she is also part of their coaching panel. This year Rachel enrolled in a Bachelor of Coaching at Victoria University to further her skills.

Chris McKay – Football Analyst & Analysis Academy Manager, St. Kilda FC

In his Diploma year, Chris was offered a work placement opportunity at St Kilda Football Club. This work placement led to him being offered a full-time job with the club as a Football Technology Assistant. After being in the role for six years, Chris was promoted to Football Analyst Manager, where he also oversees the club’s Analysis Academy – utilising and managing current SEDA students within for these roles.

Emily Barnard-Cutris – Bachelor of Paramedicine, Victoria University

Emily chose to complete the course because of the opportunity to enter into university and achieve her dream of one day becoming a paramedic. Emily completed a practical placement with Yachting Victoria and was involved in variety of medic roles in the local community. Emily is currently in her third year of Paramedicine, also working as a first aid medic in a part-time role. After graduating, Emily is hoping to secure a Paramedic role with Ambulance Victoria.

Ben Abbatangalo- Co-CEO, AIME

After graduating from SEDA in 2012, Ben had a series of jobs within the sporting industry including Community Programs Assistant at Cricket Australia and Communications Co-Ordinator at AIME. AIME is an educational program that supports Indigenous students through high school and into university or employment. Ben has risen to the rank of co-CEO with AIME at just twenty-three years old. He is passionate about advocating for the aboriginal people and wants to continue changing the face of the country.

SEDA Graduates listed above have graduated from SEDA Group or with one of our partner providers